The 6 F’s for Launching a Stand-Up Pouch Product

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The 6 F’s for Launching a Stand-Up Pouch Product

Stand-up pouches are one of the hottest trends in the market today. They're seen across various product lines and are utilized by established companies and new entrepreneurs alike. There are a lot of variables that need to be considered to ensure the right pack is chosen for a product. However, there aren't any guides readily available to help lead someone through the process. These six F's have been designed specifically for this purpose.

When deciding on product packaging design, the overall function must be considered. It's important to determine not only who the target audience is, but how they will use it. Then, consider the overall look and feel of the design.

Film refers to the layer or layers that make up the stand-up pouch. The contents will determine what kind of film is needed in order to preserve quality and freshness. Variation among films provides protection against exposure to air, aroma, moisture and light. Additionally, this is the time to decide whether a window variety, opaque or metallic design is best suited. Thought should also go into whether the film is designed to handle temperature variants and if it can be processed or made aseptically. Printing should be determined at this point too, as some films do a better job than others at holding ink and keeping it from contaminating the contents.

When looking into the overall forming of the pack, the first consideration should go to how the consumer will handle it. The shape, fitments and features will also come into play here. This includes any spouts, zippers or perforations designed to make the package easier to open or use. Depending on the intended manufacturing process, a decision will have to be made as to whether a pre-made or form/fill/seal variety is best.

The next concern is how the container will be filled. If using a machine, a specific style may be needed. Formats commonly utilized include rolls, magazines, rails and more.

If the contents are a liquid, paste or sauce, a spout can make it easier to use. The size and style of the opening will need to be determined ahead of time so that the product flows easily. Additionally, any fitment will have to be compatible with the filling machine selected.

Freight considerations include any packaging needed to group the items together for shipment. This can be specially designed boxes that are used to display the stand-up pouches at the store as well as boxes or crates required during transportation to the store. Additionally, a method of transportation, such as train or truck, must be determined.

Each of these things is an integral part of making a product launch successful. If one fails, the roll-out will not be a success. However, by using the six F’s as a guide, chances for success are optimized. Working closely with a supplier or a firm that specializes in packing can also help make the journey a smooth one.

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